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What We Do

We provide smiles to our Warriors with individual surprises and fun group events!  We also provide financial assistance to families to alleviate the financial burden during this difficult time.

Smiles we provide:

  • Treat Young Warriors and Families to trips to Disney World, Bermuda, & Fun Places

  • Send Warriors and their Families to Sporting Events

  • Provide VIP Limos to Dinners, Shows, and Concerts

  • Arrange Warrior Meet & Greets with Special Guests

  • Send Mother's Day Flowers to "Momcologists" and Father's Day Treats to Warrior's Parents

Events we host:

  • Serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Various Hospitals

  • Hospital Parties and Present Holiday Gifts to the children

  • Summer Picnic and Softball Tournament

  • iPlay America

  • Maggipalooza

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