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Our Mission

The Frances Foundation for Kids Fighting Cancer, Inc. has a focused, devoted commitment to bring smiles to kids fighting cancer.  The Foundation strives to alleviate a child's pain and suffering with a special gift, a special gesture, or even a few special moments.  The Foundation also provides financial assistance to impoverished families desperately needing help due to their child's fight against cancer.  The Foundation seeks to give compassionately to children and families dealing with extremely difficult physical and emotional challenges.  In addition to direct aid to a child or family, the Foundation also supports research aimed to terminate childhood cancers.  Helping kids is our passion.  

Meet Some of our Team Members


The Frances Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

A 501(c) organization is a nonprofit organization in the federal law of the United States according to 26 U.S.C. § 501 and is one of 29 types of nonprofit organizations which are exempt from some federal income taxes.

A 501(c)(3) organization is a corporation, trust, unincorporated association, or other type of organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code.  It is the most common of the 29 types of 501(c) nonprofit organizations in the United States.

By definition, the Frances Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization "for kids Fighting Cancer."

Any questions, comments and follow ups should be directed to our Support team at:

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