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Our FF warrior Jordy earned her beautiful Angel’s wings about 2 years ago. Angel Jordy is now bringing smiles to children fighting cancer through The Jordy Foundation founded by her parents Sam & Jenna. Its mission is to provide ipads and tablets to children in active treatment for their cancer. When Jordy was going through her treatment, her Ipad was her main source of entertainment, being stuck in her hospital room except for one hour a day out in a playroom, and was her way to connect with family at home, like her 5 year old brother, who could not be there all the time.

Our FF sister charity The Jordy Foundation is inviting everyone to attend its annual event -THE JORDY FOUNDATION DANCE PARTY!

This will be an outdoor event at Frogbridge Day Camp in Millstone, NJ, on September 26th, from 11:00 am until 3:00 p.m. They will also have a virtual option and will be live streaming the event for anyone who cannot attend in person. When Jordyn would be in her hospital room, she loved to have dance parties. All the nurses and doctors knew this and you could always find music blasting and hospital staff partying in Jordy's room and Jordy jumping on her bed to the music.

The Frances Foundation is inviting its warriors’ and angels’ families to attend Angel Jordy’s September 26th Dance party as our au gratis guests.

Registration is now open. The cost is $30 per person or $95 per family. See flyer below.

You can register and learn more about The Jordy Foundation at

If you have any questions about the event, please email Angel Jordy’s mom Jenna at

God Bless Angel Jordy and The Jordy Foundation.

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