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Hope all are getting their vaccinations and looking forward to some nice weather this spring.

Updates on a couple of our Frances Foundation family members:

Trustee Denise Flammia is making daily and steady improvement in her dual battle against covid and cancer. She has been nothing but a Super Warrior, amazing her doctors and staff at St. Barnabas Medical Center, as she continues her fight to get better, and get back home to her entire family---including her husband and our EVP Rocky, and FF trustees Mandie, Dino, & Corie.

Our warrior McKenzy underwent yet another surgery earlier this week. Hopefully McKenzy will be discharged from the hospital sometime today or tomorrow. When I think of our virtual gala last October , 1 of my fondest memories, besides warrior Cookie & jr. trustee Syd laughing, is McKemzy singing " Memories." The virtual gala video is on our website if you would like to hear her sing it again. McKenzy's FF ambassador is FF trustee Christina Aleksandrowski who has been doing an awesome job , along with trustee Libby DeCicco, in providing continuing FF support & love to McKenzy and her family. Below is an update from Christina.

8 years ago today our precious warrior Mya earned her angel's wings while she was being treated at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Recently the FF made a generous donation to St. Jude's for pediatric cancer research in loving memory of Angel Mya.

Please keep Denise, Mckenzy , Angel Mya, and all of our FF warriors and angels & their families in your prayers.

Hugs, Bob

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