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Yesterday the good Lord gave the most beautiful angel’s wings to our beloved Frances Foundation trustee Denise Flammia.

A brave and fierce warrior, Denise valiantly battled cancer for the past 9 years, continuing to bring immeasurable love to her family and friends every day.

I fondly recall how every year Denise would prepare meticulous notes detailing seating arrangements for and donations by 3 huge tables of Flammia family & friends attending our annual galas.

Our FF Executive Vice President, Denise’s husband Rocky, Denise’s children & our FF trustees Mandie White, Dino Flammia , Corie Murphy, Rocky Flammia III & Sherrie Flammia , as well as Denise’s grandchildren, Denise’s family & friends, & The Frances Foundation, were immensely blessed to know and love Denise, and be loved by her.

Join me in sending thoughts, prayers, hugs , & love to Denise’s family.

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