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2 Thank Yous to You

We don’t share enough of the many thank yous we receive from our pediatric cancer families. These thank yous are truly directed to you ….our supporters.

The attached thank you card is from our 14 y/o warrior Bobby Del Gatto’s family giving details as to Bobby’s Battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma ( Bobby’s cancerous tumor was growing around his vertebrae) & what a horrific nightmare journey our kids go thru…e.g., for Bobby : a year of chemo, 31 radiation treatments , 185 nights in the hospital, 82 clinic visits , 21 hospital stays, 58 blood transfusions….There are no words to adequately describe the pain and hardships courageously endured by our warriors and families. Yet, Bobby smashed his cancer into remission. We couldn’t be prouder of Bobby and his loving supportive family.

Here is a recent Thank You Email From our new 1 y/o Warrior Alexandra’s Mom----Alexandra was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on July 26, 2021 :

“Hello Robert and the Frances foundation. We are so sorry we’ve not been able to say thank you earlier. The cancer journey hasn’t been easy these few weeks .We apologize for not reaching out earlier . My family and I would like to say a big thank you to you and the entire foundation for your generous support for Alexandra and our family. You are not aware how helpful that donation supported our journey. We are thankful and very appreciative for everything. Sincerely Alexandra’s Mum.”

Thank you for supporting our mission to help these hurting kids & families. Bob & TFF

Download PDF • 249KB

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